Frequently Asked Questions

How does Greetzly work?
It’s simple: If you are a member you can send video requests to celebrities on At a minimum, you specify the message and what you are willing to pay for it. That’s it. You send it to the celebrity via our platform. And with a bit of luck you will receive an answer.
How do I get an invitation?
If you are lucky you are invited by a celebrity. But you can also register on Please understand that due to the intimate character of our service we can only slowly grow the member base.
How much is it?

You may offer as much as you want. A part of what you pay is donated to a charity both you and your celebrity support, so you are even doing something good along the way!

Keep in mind that VAT is added on top of what you offer and may vary substantially between countries.

How much of my payment actually goes to charities?

There are two things that are deducted from your net payment (excl VAT):

  1. In order to operate and improve the Greetzly platform we take a small fee cut on all payments by fans (usually 20%) . About 5% of that are transaction costs, the remainder is used to cover running expenses and improve the platform. Just like our celebrities we pledge to donate a substantial part of any future profits to charities.
  2. The remaining 80% belong to the celebrity and are free for him to donate or keep. However, every celebrity must donate a minimum of 10% of his earnings to charities. While upcoming artists often use the money to finance creative projects (such as their next album), in practice most celebrities donate a much larger fraction (often 100%) to charities.
What do I need a video greeting by a celebrity for?

Well, for starters, they make really cool presents: Your brother is a die-hard fan of that famous basketball player? A video greeting would be a present he will never forget! You are invited to the wedding and you know he proposed while a certain song was playing? What about a greeting by that very same singer, maybe even playing a special personal version of the song?

But who knows, maybe you could use a little motivational speech yourself ahead of an important exam? Treat yourself to one by your favourite coach.

The possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination!

What kinds of celebrities are on Greetzly?
We are constantly growing our celebrity member base and aim to have a very broad spectrum including TV, movies, music, sports and many others.
Can you guarantee that I will receive a (timely) answer?
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that. It’s up to our celebrities to decide which and how many requests they actually answer. So you should see it as a bit of a challenge: Try to come up with the most creative requests to get noticed by your celebrity! And if it doesn’t work the first time, don’t give up, try it again!
What if I don’t receive an answer, do I still have to pay?
Of course not. Our system is designed so that you only pay if you actually receive an answer to your greeting request.
What charities does Greetzly work with? Can they be trusted?
We are working only with the leading charities, which of course have been certified by various independent institutions. Our celebrities can also propose new charities, which we review and only make available if they meet our stringent quality criteria.

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